Still here…

Sadly, I have not moved over to the HostSG server yet. Apparently there were some problems with the mail (long story here) and they have not recieved my money order yet. I am going to call the post office if they do not recieve my mail by tomorrow. Thank goodness I am paying for 24 months, so I only have to deal with this once.

But anyway, I have been working on my class montage and it’s the first time I used iMovie 09 (interestingly, I have created exactly 1 video for every version of iMovie since iMovie HD). While it definitely seems more powerful than iMovie 08, I feel that there are still areas that can be worked on. For one, I had to go through many workarounds (eg. creating a seperate video miniclip to get transitions into the theme placeholder.) in order to get the desired effect. The clip also has elements of Keynote and iPhoto in it (thanks to the export to video function available on these program) due to certain limitations of iMovie. Also, the inability to configure text effects is a pain in the ass. For example, while I am able to set the fonts for certain text effects, I am not able to do so for some others. Also, for certain animated text effects, such as the ticker bar, I am not able to configure the speed of the animation, and hence the implementation is not perfect. Even though I know iMovie is meant for simple video editing and I should use Final Cut for better control, the experience still leaves much more to be desired. I still find the lack of control and features somewhat limiting, even though I have turned on Advanced Features. However, to be fair, it is by far the best iMovie version. Anyway, I shall post the link to the video later. (I am typing this on my iPhone) Here’s the link:

Moving on, I screwed up blocks big time. I fared even worse than my poor performance in BT1. I suspect it’s because I did not devote sufficient time to studying especially given my poor foundation in my first year in college. Prelims are in about 5 weeks and I hope to redeem myself. And so, I am off to study. (:

Till next time,

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