About Me

MeFor those stumbling on my blog for the first time, I am a typical Singaporean student. A student who likes web development, endurance sports and photography.

Web Development
I have been developing PHP/MySQL scripts and applications for about 4 years now, and have even released a number of scripts for free download on my previous blog (iQuest Studios). I hope to get them online again on this blog sometime soon though. Meanwhile, you can read the description of some of the projects in my script portfolio.

Advanced Login System

ALS (Advanced Login System) basically locks up private web pages which you do not want the general public to access. However, what sets it apart from other similar login scripts is that not only does it has advanced features, such as CAPTCHA images and brute force protection which are more commonly seen in commerical scripts, but also the flexibility of smaller scripts.

Integrated Contact Form

Description would come soon. Like real soon.

Project Extension

Description would come soon. Like real soon.

UG Portal

Description would come soon. Like real soon.

Inspire Run

Description would come soon. Like real soon.

Planet In Peril

Something different – the description would come soon for this one too (:

However, I have also gained an interest in Objective-C and Cocoa (for Mac application development). Hopefully I would be able to release works in that field too. Too bad it would have to wait till the end of this year earliest

Endurance Sports
I have been into endurance sports for over a year now – nothing professional, just recreational racing – though I do try to strive for a good position. I am especially a big fan of duathlons and road cycling. Too bad school commitments forbid me from participating in races this year.

Photography can probably be considered my newest and latest interest. And I am definitely not very good at it. Though I am learning. Below is a small portfolio of my photos:

Fort Canning/SAM/City

Other Interests
This is coming soon…

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