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June 30, 2009


YES I DO. Even though I may not do as well as I think I did, it was definitely a confidence booster after my dismal performance in GP yesterday.

Time to continue with my Chemistry revision.

Till next time,

School’s in. Starting with 2 weeks of exams.

June 27, 2009

Tomorrow would the last day of our month long holiday. Oh wait, what holiday? The Dictionary application on my Mac defines holiday as a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done. Festive? Definitely nothing festive about studying. Recreation? I don’t think studying falls under any form of recreation. I am not even going to go into “no work is done”.

These past 8 days were the worst. I suppose I can blame myself for not scheduling my study timetable properly at the start of the holidays but I prefer to blame it on the amount of tested syllabus. And when you find out that you are not going to even complete half of the required syllabus halfway through the third week, you know you are screwed. And so in these past 8 days, I have been trying to cram one and half years’ worth of content (across 4 subjects) into one week, adopting a completely different study strategy from my norm. And the drilling for the upgrading of the block of flats opposite mine definitely did not help. I have no idea how much I really internalized, and I am afraid to find out. Yeah, you can take a look at my study timetable for this week:
Study Timetable Straight from Hell
Such a schedule has definitely taken a heavy toll on me, both physically and mentally. Trying to stick to such a tight schedule is definitely highly stressful, and trying to absorb so much content pushes my mental power beyond its limits. And to keep to the schedule, my breakfast and lunch has been anything but healthy – 3 counts of breakfast at McDonalds, and almost instant noodles every other day. And the best part, I have no time for exercise – in fact, I had to give up my weekly morning ride with my cycling club to study Ionic Equilibria tomorrow morning.

But it’s getting late now, and I have got ionic equilibria waiting for me tomorrow morning. So, till next time,